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Our outdoor playground is rocky beaches and mossy forests,

with each season bringing it's own delights and challenges.

Staying comfortable during any adventure

-no matter the weather-

is a challenge we take seriously. 

Get out and play. We've got you covered. ​ 



What's in a name?

The brands we carry have values that align with ours.

They're people making good in the world, producing quality wares. Brands that giving back, and care about our planet and the creatures that inhabit it.

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Our world is always evolving,

and so is the store.

Check in here for updates of what's new

- product arrivals

- changes around the store

- sales & discounts

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Blue Fish

Online Store

With thousands of items that are constantly changing, you won't be able to see everything that we have in store, but a snap shot of what we've got in right now.

Some of our best sellers.

We ship across Canada

Shipping over $150 is free

Online Shopping Coming Soon

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