"North Road Sports & Clothing Co. began in 2010, as a simple idea to pursue what we love where we love."

Since exploring Gabriola Island in 2002 Mike & Chris knew this was home. Soon after they found a fixer-upper property where they would build their home. After years of commuting, opportunity presented itself to open their own business on Gabriola. Avid hikers, campers, runners, and cyclists, creating an outdoor store just made sense.

"It began with some sporting goods, a few shoes, and a couple of clothing brands that took a chance on us."

Dedicated to offering a variety of goods that they could stand behind, the brands and goods began to expand.

"We pursued a lot of brands that we loved in the beginning, but we were just some small brick-and-mortar on a small island. Now we've gained some traction, and in recent years we've been able to welcome in Patagonia and Mountain Hardwear, and new-comers like TenTree. Our footwear now includes Blundstone and Birkenstock, and our newest brand Bueno. We're getting pickier with what we bring in too, we want it to meet our standards of quality, comfort, and style. We have a diverse community on Gabriola and understand we can't have everything for everyone, but we try to."

The idea is that whatever your adventure you can find what you need here to make it a great one.

Giving Back

Our brands give back on a national and global scale, but we like to give back to our community here on Gabriola Island.

Girl Guides & Scouts

Our connection to these programs runs deep, as participants and fund raisers. We love to support this program that gets youth into the outdoors.

Silent Auction Donations

We are always happy to help organizers raise funds through donations of silent auction items.

Terry Fox Run

Each year we help organize, and participate in, the Terry Fox Run on Gabriola.

Brickyard Beast 10k

Each year we help organize the Brickyard Beast 10k race which raises money for the PHC (People for a healthy community) on Gabriola.