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If you have published a package to NPM, you can list the versions of that package on the Yarn website with the "List packages" page. You can also pull the latest version of an NPM package to get a new version of the package. For example, to pull version 0.1.5 from the Yarn package site, enter: yarn add java-openjdk-jre:0.1.5 The example above uses the syntax above. You can check the documentation on NPM for more information about the syntax. Note: As of version 1.3.0, Yarn includes its own package manager. Yarn users will find that the command line above will be changed to the syntax below, which will allow Yarn users to install packages in the most simple way. To install multiple packages from the command line you can specify the packages to be installed using the package-name@version syntax. This can be used to pull the latest version from the Yarn package repository. Yarn supports an optional semicolon-separated list of version ranges, if you want to install multiple versions of a package. For example, to install multiple versions, you can specify: You can also install packages using the package-name@version syntax and the newest-version flag. For example, to install 0.1.0 version with the latest version, you can use: yarn add --latest java-openjdk-jre After you install a package, you can use yarn list to view all of the installed packages. How to write my Yarn configuration file You can find information on how to configure Yarn and use it to manage your dependencies with this document. Getting started with Yarn Configuring Yarn at the project level You can configure Yarn to download package dependencies from the Yarn package site by using the yarn-plugin-yarnconfig project. To configure Yarn for a project at the directory level, create a yarn.yaml file in the root of your project. To make the example Yarn plugin configuration below available for your project, add the following code to your yarn.yaml configuration file: If you configure Yarn at the root of a directory, all of the code in a subdirectory of that root is also automatically included. The example below uses the following command to install the



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Parasitologia De Botero 5ta Edicion Pdf 21
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